Sometimes we have to venture into our imagination to find ourselves. Everfan has long been in love with the idea that play and imagination will grow into joy and adventure. While we are primarily known for our superhero gear, we have found a new adventure of our own. 

Let us help you step back into a time where kings and queens ruled the land and knights in shining armor were what kids dreamed of growing up to be. Journey with us through this new adventure of Medieval times and beautifully made rich clothing adorned with fur trim and leather. Our journey is just beginning and we would love for you to come along for the ride. 



We recently had the pleasure of working with some amazing local artists and models who have really helped us showcase the feel of our new line of Medieval and Cosplay items. We traveled deep into the woods with Emily Paige Photography to capture some amazing photos of our new cloaks and fur mantles. It is truly amazing to see things come to life through the lens of a camera. Emily was amazing to work with and was willing to have some fun with our models. We climbed trees and walked through beautiful fields to find the perfect spots to show the true feeling of these amazing new products. Even our little models had some fun shooting bow and arrows as they got to wear medieval bracers, tunics, and our custom made fur mantles.




Tim Hobbs was another big part of making this last project really stand out from some of the others. We were so glad we found Tim, he does everything from forging his own knives to making handmade leather goods. He was able to get us authentic medieval swords, daggers, drinking horns, leather sword covers and more. The items we were able to get from him really brought everything together and allowed us to get some really cool photos. 

We couldn’t do it without each and everyone of these amazingly talented people and our wonderful models. Follow us for more exciting adventures and projects!

March 01, 2021