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The Superhero Epidemic

Superman, Batman, or Spiderman? Those guys are really the superhero triumvirate. America grew up on that trio and we’ve cycled through multiple movie franchises with all of them. Are you a fan of late 70s Superman? 90s Batman? 00s Spiderman? Or do your superhero loyalties rest in the present/future with the current Batman, and the soon-to-be rebooted Superman and Spiderman?

Superhero Chic

Sooper Goop


Gwyneth has inspired us! Her Oscar dress/cape combo is being discussed all across the Interwebs and the Evercave has a new mission because of it. Find out what we have in mind after the jump!

Disclaimer: Gwyneth Paltrow is in NO WAY affiliated with Everfan...yet.

It's Heart Month!

We take capes and Heart Disease seriously


The Everfandom is taking on a special villain this month: HEART DISEASE.

Learn more at http://www.goredforwomen.org/

Ca[r]pe Diem!

The typical agenda for a kid is pretty simple: 

  • Wake up

  • Be awesome

  • Tie shoes (triumph!)

  • Throw on a cape

  • Run out the door (preferably with a Pop-tart in hand)

  • Vanquish enemies: homework, robbers, alien invaders, Death Eaters, home goods stores, homework, dentists, foods that are green and/or healthy, Darth Vader, homework, etc.

  • Collapse in heap after fully committing to the day