Who We Are and How We Got Here

Everfan About UsWe create products and experiences that engage people in uplifting play in order to inspire WONDER and HAPPINESS. In addition, we strongly believe in the power of imagination and curiosity.


Everfan Our Story image

In 2011, our fearless leader, Scott Chastain, AKA Captain Stretch, had an idea. It was a somewhat unusual idea, that centered around fandom, superhero capes, and Auburn University. After 8 months of trial and error and mastering the labyrinth of collegiate licensing regulations, Everfan launched with a superhero kit that included a cape, eyemask, power bands, and shirt for 5 universities.

Fast forward a few years and Everfan started getting requests for custom designs and bulk orders. With new opportunities to work with large companies like MTV and Chick-fil-A, as well as build partnerships with nonprofits such as Heart Heroes, CASA, and Love Your Melon, Everfan began to evolve. Scott saw the power within his products and the demand from a different audience for customizable Everfan gear. Today, Everfan specializes in a host of playful and customizable products that engage people of all ages!


Everfan Making a Difference

At Everfan we want to ENCOURAGE and EMPOWER others with our products. Everyday, we are blown away by our customer's HEROIC STORIES and PASSIONS they share with us. Through creative partnerships, bulk discounts, and custom products, we are able to connect and work with our customers on a deeper level. This is a REWARDING process and we look forward to expanding our reach and products for years to come.