The Superhero Epidemic

Superman, Batman, or Spiderman? Those guys are really the superhero triumvirate. America grew up on that trio and we’ve cycled through multiple movie franchises with all of them. Are you a fan of late 70s Superman? 90s Batman? 00s Spiderman? Or do your superhero loyalties rest in the present/future with the current Batman, and the soon-to-be rebooted Superman and Spiderman?

While the Everfandom is definitely excited about The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spiderman, and Man of Steel, for the Evercave’s money (and the rest of the world’s apparently), it’s all about The Avengers (and Joss Whedon’s version of them in particular) right now. We love Iron Man’s irreverent sense of humor, Thor’s fish-out-of-water clash with the modern age and human frailty, and Captain America’s old school honor and gentlemanly manners. Plus Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk is undeniably awesome, a superhero for the big screen if ever there was one.    

So what's the superhero obsession all about? Perhaps it seems like there are a lot of superhero movies coming out right now but the Evercave is not ready to dismiss this hero movement as a flash in the pan that will ultimately fade. Superman first arrived on Planet Earth in 1932, Batman in 1939, Spiderman in 1962 and the Avengers made their debut in 1963. Every subsequent generation has happily discovered these heroes, reinterpreted their motivations and triumphs, and then proceeded to introduce them to the next generation.

We love these stories and revisiting them for the same reason the Everfandom loves donning a cape: it's an opportunity to visualize and make real the best parts of ourselves. To name evil and take action! For kids, the world is often a simple place of good vs. evil. As adults, we sometimes crave that simplicity. Even in a more morally ambiguous tale like The Dark Knight, the ultimate triumph against the Joker is a sea of humanity making the right choice. Superheroes taught us how to make the right choices in childhood and they remind us how to make the right choices as adults. Here's to all the superhero movies you've got, Hollywood (except for maybe Green Lantern, that was terrible)!   

Trivia: Captain Stretch stopped by the Evercave to mention his favorite superhero movies from past and present: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Batman Begins, respectively. It's clear that our fearless leader appreciates a good origin story but we don't think he's seen the Avengers yet so his 'present' choice could be subject to change!



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