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Sooper Goop


E!Online incredulously asked the question: Is Gwyneth Paltrow really bringing back the cape?! 

Obviously, we're doing that but, bless her, she [and designer Tom Ford] have absolutely elevated the cape conversation and we think that's a wonderful thing. It's safe to say that her 'superhero chic' outfit has been the most buzzed about dress choice from last night's 84th Academy Award ceremony and the consensus is overwhelmingly positive.



See for yourself:Super Gwyn

Here's what the Everfan-Who-Tweets' favorite fashion blog had to say about the heroic ensemble: "It's a very REFINED cape, however, more like a casual, "oh, I just threw Don Draper's extra long dinner jacket over my shoulders while we ran from the theatre into Sardi's" kind of cape. And less of a Superman cape. Next year, Gywnnie, I want a Superman cape..."

Replace "Superman" with "Everfan" and they're right on the money! That's our mission for the 2013 Oscars, we'll be hounding Goop all year!

Seeing her own the Red Carpet the way she did got us Evercave-dwellers thinking. Maybe we should have an annual awards ceremony celebrating the things that the Everfandom values most: capes, fandom, football, community service, etc. We could have awards like Best Fit of Everfanity, Best Community Action Shot, Best Cape Accessory (lightning spears and heart shields, for example), etc.

Let us know what you think, Everfans: we'll take suggestions on our facebook and twitter pages!

Disclaimer: Gwyneth Paltrow is in NO WAY affiliated with Everfan...yet.


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