FSU vs. Duke: To Be Continued...

WHOO: Everfan Capes make their largest showing yet on the whole band (Seminole Sound) at sold-out ESPN-televised FSU Men's Basketball game against Duke.

BOO: FSU lost.

TRUE: Everfans are fans no matter what. Every loss is just a 'To be continued...' in our [comic] book!


From Nolesports.Tallahassee.com:

FSU Basketball has been having a stellar season and though the rematch against Duke ended in a loss on FSU's home turf court, the crowd and the Everfan decked-out FSU band were absolutely electric. The Everfan Team has been keen to see a marching band rocking Everfan capes for awhile and Florida State's Athletic Department helped us make it happen; it was very exciting to see the band having fun with it and embracing the Everfandom!

Ideally, when we first put the marching band from one of our Everfan teams in capes [and the game they sported them for was televised], they would win. Alas, an FSU win was not to be. However, we're going to invoke a little bit of Evercave Tenet No. 5 - Camaraderie - and say that being an Everfan means supporting your team win or lose (that's why we didn't call it Ficklefan). Losing is the worst, but a true fan has faith in their team's ultimate triumph, 'ultimate' being a fluid concept - anywhere from the next game to the next season or perhaps even a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. 

On Thursday evening, FSU faced a notoriously tough opponent steeped in basketball tradition that outranked them by 10+ spots. This underdog match-up was a hype lightning rod after FSU beat Duke AT DUKE last month, a feat NO team had managed in almost 3 (!) years. The Everfan-Who-Tweets definitely got swept up in the excitement, as you can see below. The Everfandom was honored to be a part of the evening - regardless of the final score - and wishes the Seminoles the best of luck in the rest of their season and beyond (along with our other four Everfan Teams, of course)!


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