Featured Everfan

Superhero Name: 


Superhero Power:

Flies like Buzz [Lightyear], Has Powers of "Da Feet"

Superhero Sitings:

FSU Home Games, His Backyard, Donating to the Salvation Army at the Mall






Why We Chose KaleMan:

KaleMan is only two and a half so he’s not really familiar with the interviewing process and is a little press shy.  Thus, we skipped the usual Featured Everfan Q&A for him. But he was chosen to be our Featured Everfan because he’s one of our earliest cape-enthusiasts and definitely the first ‘Nole Everfan to sport a cape at a Florida State home game [see the candid to the left, which was taken at FSU vs. Charleston Southern, he loved the outfit but like any humble superhero, he wasn’t feeling the photo shoot].

KaleMan's Inspiration:

His favorite superhero (this month) is Spiderman and he is under the adorable impression that whenever Spiderman “defeats” an enemy, he uses his feet to do so. His family calls this the power of “da feet.”

KaleMan's Favorite Things:

KaleMan prefers “chicken and french fries” to keep him energized and has not, as of yet, taken a liking to the cabbage that shares his given name or any green foods for that matter (his family is holding out hope that this will change with time). He loves going to football games with his parents, both FSU alums, and he has proudly been doing the Chop since he was 6 months old. He loves story time, trains, and pretty much all of the Pixar movies.

KaleMan's Current Mission:

KaleMan is excited right now about his new superhero baby sister and has taken the responsibility of being an Everfantastic big brother very seriously. He often enters the room and asks, "Where's my baby?" His parents have chosen to interpret this as admirably vigilant instead of troublingly possessive.


The Evercave expects big things from this little Everfan and we look forward to hearing about his future heroics!  


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