2012! FTW!

Happy New Year, Everfans!


It's a new year and the Evercave is buzzing with excitement to get it started in here. Like everyone else, we have our New Years' Resolutions, our lofty goals, and events we're looking forward to [insert required "if the world doesn't end in December" acknowledgement]. 2011 was great for the Everfandom but we have high hopes that 2012 will take us to even greater heights.


We're MOST excited about:

  • Adding new teams to the Everfandom (fingers crossed for LSU, Clemson, and Arkansas to name a few.)
  • Creating and introducing new products, including non-collegiate capes and new packaging.
  • Working with our old and new partners at retail stores, universities, manufacturers, children's hospitals, and charity organizations
  • College Football 2012! Is it September 1st yet?
  • A ton of cool superhero/fantasy movies (when we're not making capes or watching football, you know we're geeking out!): The Amazing Spiderman, Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and the Huntsman, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, and if Joss Whedon delivers, perhaps most of all, The Avengers.
  • Drinking ALL of the coffee in the land to keep the Evercave energized for a great, productive year.
  • And of course, engaging with all the Everfan Heroes out there!

We're definitely looking forward to doing everything bigger and better this year, and to giving our customers more fun-filled, high-quality ways to express their team spirit, sense of adventure, and community involvement. We hope you'll fly with us on this journey and let us know how we can improve the Everfandom.

The Evercave-Dwellers love to see Everfans cheering at games, geeking out, goofing off, and involved in heroics (check out this SuperNole donating to the Salvation Army) so please feel free to share your latest capers with us through Facebook or Twitter. We loved working with local children's hospitals last year and look forward to getting more involved in fundraising/donations in 2012. Don't hesitate to let us know about community events in your area that call for Caped Crusaders and/or Official Evercave Assistance. We make superhero capes for a reason, we love dressing up and helping out!

Still working on an Everfan version of the Bat Signal but in the meantime, here's how to flag us down:


Here's to taking capes SERIOUSLY in 2012!

United in Everfandom,
The Everfan Team


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