This past October, Everfan partnered with Red Fly Studio for the first ever UGA vs. UF Goof Booth.  We provided SuperFans at Jacksonville Landing the opportunity to truly look the part and face off against the opposing team in a [mostly] friendly way!

What is a GOOF BOOTH?

We get this question a lot.  A 'Goof Booth' is nothing less than a souped-up photo booth, a photo booth on steroids if you will.  We start with a simple backdrop, a great photographer, then add some superhero costumes, props (shields and spears, for example), balloons, and some excited fans to achieve one fine Goof Booth and almost too good a time.  We get to meet the most enthusiastic fans out there and they get to show everyone just how much they love their team. It's a beautiful thing. 

Why the UGA vs. UF game?

Well let's take the largest tailgating party of the football season, you schedule it on Halloween weekend, and you add 200,000 people...need I say more?  What better game to celebrate football, uber fans, and costumes?

Who are the photographers?

I am glad you asked.  For all our photography we have used our great friends at Red Fly Studio.  They are a lot of fun and provide great photos.  If you are interested, we highly recommend them...but just know that we have first dibs on their schedule...not really but don't test us.

Where can I find my photo?

All the photos that are taken at the UGA vs. UF game will be available by November 9th.  We have a few places that you can find these images:

Everfan Facebook Page (only selected photos will be available)

Everfan Flickr Account (all photos are available for small file downloads)

Red Fly Studio (all photos are available and high quality downloads for purchase)

Where can I download a hi-res file without the Everfan logo on it?

You can download hi-res files from Red Fly Studio that do not contain any logos on the image.

When will there be another Goof Booth?

No dates or events are set yet.  To make sure you stay up-to-date on all the Everfan events and promotions, be sure to follow our Blog and find us on Facebook.