Why Do Wizards Wear Robes?

Why Do Wizards Wear Robes?

The image of a wizard conjures up many different ideas in our minds, but one thing that almost always comes to mind is their distinctive robe. So why do wizards wear robes? The answer lies in both practicality and tradition.
March 08, 2023
Top 10 Must Haves for Every Kid's Costume Trunk

Top 10 Must Haves for Every Kid's Costume Trunk

Every kid should have a costume trunk because it fosters creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Dressing up in costumes allows children to explore different roles and personas, whether they want to be a superhero, a princess, or something entirely of their own creation. Costumes allow kids to step outside of themselves and experiment with new identities, which can be a powerful tool for building confidence and self-esteem.
March 07, 2023
Classroom Incentives

Classroom Incentives

Incentivizing students to read and be leaders in the classroom can be a challenging task for educators. However, with some creativity and innovative ideas, it is possible to make it a fun and engaging experience for students. One way to do this is by using superhero capes from Everfan. These capes are not only fun and colorful, but they can also make students feel like they have superpowers.
March 06, 2023
Teachers are Heroes

Teachers are Heroes

Teachers are superheroes. They possess an incredible power to inspire, educate, and guide young minds towards a better future. Every day, they enter classrooms ready to make a positive impact on the lives of their students. 
March 03, 2023
Get Ready for St. Patrick's Day with Everfan

Get Ready for St. Patrick's Day with Everfan

St. Patrick's Day is a beloved holiday celebrated annually on March 17th, to honor the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. The holiday is marked by green decorations, parades, and festive parties, all in the spirit of Irish culture and heritage. One of the most iconic symbols of the holiday is the green cape or cloak
March 02, 2023
Halloween Character Costumes

Halloween Character Costumes

Here at Everfan, we have quite a few pieces to help you complete your favorite character costume! Perfect for Halloween or any other themed event throughout the year.
September 23, 2022
Halloween 2022: Favorite Costumes

Halloween 2022: Favorite Costumes

With HBO's House of the Dragon (a prequel to Game of Thrones) just released, medieval style Halloween costumes are sure to be a hit in 2022. If you're looking for Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter Wizard costumes, our Hooded Robes with Sleeves are perfect. Check out our favorites for this year:
August 24, 2022
DIY mardi gras mask masquerade parade event craft make your own

DIY Mardi Gras Mask

Feelin' crafty?! Follow our DIY to make your very own Mardi Gras mask.
June 18, 2021
medieval fur trim hooded cloak viking barbarian game of thrones

A Photoshoot with a Medieval Twist

We recently had the pleasure of working with some amazing local artists and models who have really helped us showcase the feel of our new line of Medieval and Cosplay items. See behind the lens of our recent photoshoot.
March 01, 2021
halloween costume ideas kids adults belle vampire wonder woman fairy godmother

Halloween Costume Ideas for 2020

Looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume to put together this year? These costumes are perfect for trick-or-treating, #quarantinehalloween, a Halloween party, or any other celebration of our favorite fall holiday. 
September 15, 2020
bookish halloween book characters pinkalicious fancy nancy costume

A Bookish Halloween

You know we love any opportunity to use our imaginations to create things. So here is a round of up of book characters that you can create using Everfan products and things you already have around the house.
September 27, 2016
DIY King Cape Royal Queen Sherpa

DIY: King Cape

This month we bring you a cape fit for a king! This DIY is great because you can do it while you catch up on your favorite show. Watch the video to see how easy it is.
May 05, 2016