Everfan has an inextricable link to all things books. It all started in 2007 when Katie (EXCELerator) and Scott (Captain Stretch) bought The Bookshelf in downtown Thomasville. Everfan was born above The Bookshelf in 2011. In addition to a team that has an arsenal of award winning dance moves (don't fact check that) Everfan is also a team that reads. There is a constant flow of book suggestions in the office. (Areka thinks you should read The Shoemaker's Wife and Emily thinks you should read Shatter Me.....for example)  

It would make sense, then, that when we think Halloween costumes we think BOO!k characters. (See what I did there?) You know we love any opportunity to use our imaginations to create things. So here is a round of up of book characters that you can create using Everfan and things you already have around the house.


Ladybug Girl

Ladybug Girl is one of the coolest girls on the block.  She combats boredom with her imagination! 

For this costume we used a Red Everfan TutuLadybug wings and headband, clothes we had already, and the sleeves from a thrifted red sweater for the boots.  (For trick-or-treating, she could put on some tennis shoes and wear the sweater arms as leg warmers.)  Easy!


Fancy Nancy

More is MORE!  That is why this Fancy Nancy has on two tutus! Fancy Nancy is a girl who loves to dress up and use her big vocabulary.  That's fancy for words.

We created this costume with an Extra Small Everfan Tutu, a Small Everfan Tutu, a shirt from home, gloves from our dress-up stash, and jewelry and shoes from Mom's closet.  Go crazy and add bows, sunglasses, or a crown or two! 


El Deafo

El Deafo is our spirit animal. She turns her disability into a superpower and stands up for herself!  

For this costume, we used a Red Everfan CapeBunny Ears, cardboard, and clothes from our drawers.


The Princess in Black

This is one tough princess.  She doesn't need a knight in shining army to protect her....she can do it herself!

This costume was created with a Double-sided Everfan Cape, Customized Everfan TutuBlack Everfan MaskSilver Everfan Crown, and clothes from around the house.  


The Loser List

After being put on the Loser List at school, main character Danny is on a constant mission to keep himself off that list.  

Go to battle against the Loser List in this super easy costume. We used a Red Adult Everfan Cape, clothes from home, and felt. We cut the Loser List logo out of felt and glued it to a yellow shirt. SUPER easy.


Izzy the Very Bad Burgular

Izzy is a very bad burglar...I won't give too much away but it has a happy ending.  

To beome Izzy all you need is a Navy Everfan Mask, striped shirt, and jeans.  


Michael Recycle

Michael Recycle is a true hero. He teaches his town about...you guessed it...RECYCLING. My favorite part of this costume is the colander hat.  

This costume was created using a Green Youth Everfan Cape, Gold Everfan powerbands, Magenta Everfan powerbands, magenta construction paper, clothes from home, a colander, and felt.  We altered the powerbands but you could just use the powerbands as-is! We cut the Michael Recycle emblem out of felt and glued it on a green shirt!



Again, more is MORE! In this case, it's all about more pink. We love this character because she is not afraid to be herself. She knows what she likes and she is all in all the time.  

For this costume we used a Gold Everfan CrownMagenta Everfan Tutu, a Pink Everfan Cape, pink clothes from home, felt, and a DIY wand that uses materials you probably have at home already.  (DIY coming soon)  For the crown, we glued a few felt ovals to the tips of the crown!