Love Delivered

by Everfan staff 2018-02-22

Love Delivered
Meet the postal worker who connects a company with its customers and discovers a Heart Hero in the process.

We see Zack a lot. We dump packages of capes on the counter and USPS Lead Clerk Zack Bruchey magically gets them where they need to go. Each time. Every time.

The United States Postal Service processes and delivers 506.4 million pieces of mail each day--- a heroic number indeed. But that doesn’t keep Zack from wondering what’s in each package. He’s curious. And always wants to help.

“We see you guys drop things off every day -- sometimes it says Everfan and sometimes it says Heart Heroes. So, when I saw Heart Heroes, I said ‘What’s up with that?’” Zack said.

We explained how we work with this amazing non-profit that sends superhero capes to kids with congenital heart disease. He made a connection to a guy in Sacramento he met through a social gaming app. “Turns out, we have daughters that were born a day apart. And it turns out his daughter was going through a surgery for her heart defect.”

Elora Ballesteros was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, causing the left side of her heart not to develop. She has had three open-heart surgeries to allow her right side to do the functions of both sides.

So Zack made a special delivery of his own. He ordered a cape for Elora. She got two capes when she was in the hospital, but the one from Heart Heroes had her initials. It was special. The cape hangs in her bedroom now, a reminder of the superpowers she has used to live with HLHS.


“Even though she has half of a heart, she is full of life,” her dad Aristotle said. “We've always told Elora she's our hero, so when she received her cape, we told her that every hero needs a cape.”

We agree. Elora, like so many of the Heart Heroes we recognize this month, is our hero. Behind each of them is a cavalry of supporters, like Zack and Aristotle, providing a little extra power for the heroes most in need.

“As a kid, when you get something like a cape, it just makes you light up. It gives you powers,” Zack said. 

Behind the counter at a post office in a small town, Zack brings a supernatural energy to his job. He likes people and customer service comes naturally to him. He says it just his job, but we think it’s his superpower: He can connect the right person with the right package.  Each time. Every time.