How to Halloween in 2020

by Everfan staff 2020-09-24

Halloween is likely going to look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you and your kids have to forego participating in the classic spooky fall holiday. Try these ideas to make your Halloween safe and fun.

Matching Costume + Face Masks

Tired of wearing a face mask? Think again! We have dozens of reusable and washable cotton face masks that are both fun AND comfortable to wear. And the best part is a lot of them match our superhero capes and cloaks. Let your imagination run wild! 





Have an at-home Halloween Gathering

Even if you’re only inviting those that are already in your quarantine bubble, make it festive! Send out invites and decorate. Encourage everyone to dress up, bring candy, and a dish to share. 

Organize a Costume Parade with Neighbors

Grab your superhero cape and create a plan that is sure to become a special memory of these strange times. Simply invite your neighbors to meet in your front yard and proceed to parade down the street together. Ask everyone to dress up and maybe have fun prizes. The key to this event is to keep it safe. Ask all attending to wear masks and remain socially distant. (Pro tip: dress your family as king/queen/prince/princess and you can all walk down the street doing your best royal wave!)

We hope you have a Happy Halloween!