Heroic Ideas

by Everfan staff 2020-06-22

Your good ideas make our products look so much better. The bulk of our business is, well, business to business, bulk orders for companies with heroic ideas. Here are a few that recently struck our fancy.

Twenty years ago, evite.com changed the way we do invitations. For their 20th birthday, they are changing the way we do birthdays with their Birthday Heroes campaign. The program encourages kids of all ages to “donate” their birthday to their favorite cause. Evite Birthday Heroes invite guests to forgo presents and ask for donations to their favorite cause. (spoiler alert: these birthday heroes will still receive at least one super special gift from their fans at evite. We think it looked particularly good on Olivia, their first birthday hero!)

Animal lover Erica Falbaum and her non-profit Pet Education Project (PEP) use peppy entertainment to educate kids about safe and healthy pet ownership. By playfully addressing issues from spaying and neutering to heartworms, PEP encourages kids to stop the cycles that cause animals to end in shelters and in many cases, euthanasia. Erica travels the country to cape young animal heroes and encourage kids in their pet-saving initiatives. Check out these clever pet advocates that are ending animal abuse and neglect.

Not to brag, but we often hear our capes are convention stand-outs. We thought the Justice League of T-Mobile looked particularly good, proving it by taking home the award for best dressed. The customer-centric, magenta-wearing T-Mobile CEO John Legere agreed and special ordered one of his own.

Congress often gets a bad rap. But our friends at the Lupus Foundation of America made them look pretty darn good when Congress passed the Omnibus Appropriations Bill last month, increasing funding for lupus research. Representatives Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) and Bill Keating (D-MA), pictured below, were instrumental in increasing funding to better understand and treat the cruel mystery disease.

How can we help your business stand out? We'd love to hear your ideas and get the ball rolling!