Golden Girl

by Everfan staff 2019-01-22

Alexa delos Reyes has been fighting bad guys since she was two, slaying the cancer cells attacking her brain. They attacked her mobility-- the use of her hand and her ability to walk. When she was 9, Lexy took a “treatment” trip to New York City. She saw a double rainbow over the statue of liberty. It’s the last sight she remembers before she lost her ability to see.

But as the cancer attacked, she developed new abilities, an imagination that transports her to another world. She imagines herself as Golden Girl, kicking cancer’s booty. “Hiya,” she says as she kicks one foot in the air. When our dream-making partners at Capes and Crowns Foundation heard Lexy’s story, they knew they could bring her imaginings to life. The non-profit constructs dream world photoshoots, replete with costuming and scenery, for kids dealing with life-threatening issues. Everfan was honored to create a Golden Girl costume Lexy could literally feel.

“Knowing she was blind, [Everfan] made the costume so she could feel it-- hundreds of beautiful shiny golden sequins on a gold cape,” Lexy’s mom, Monica recalled. “Her jaws dropped when [the photographer] Kylie knelt in front of her and let her feel the cape, she let her hand feel the big smooth circle, embroidered with the Golden Girl symbol, the sparkly fluffy skirt, the smooth blue and gold arm bands.”

Lexy asked her 18-year-old brother Cameron to join the fun. “Yea, sure sis,” he quickly agreed and suited up as the Black Panther. On a rare clear and blustery Oregon day, Cameron held his sister across his arms. Her golden cape flapped in the wind as he flew her around, her mom remembered.

“For a brief moment, it was like there was nothing wrong with her-- no pain, no sickness, no cancer, no disabilities. And the whole world was her oyster.”