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Your direct connection to the hearts and minds of the Evercave-dwellers. We are a sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful, always passionate people. Our interests are many, though superheroes and sports top the list, of course. Use the tags to find what YOU like best!

DIY Powerbands!

Add extra flair to your own powerbands.

I love our products because they are blank canvases.  Your imagination is the paint.  Be what you want.


National Superhero Day

In an effort to recognize our local community heroes, Everfan has put together a series of events around National Superhero Day. 

Superhero Birthday Party- Cape & Mask!

So you watched the video, LOVED it, and now want to make your own cape? You are in the right place!

Heart Power Month

chd, congenital heart defect awareness, superhero, superhero cape, heart heroes,

February is HEART month and we want to take the time to recognize an organization solely focused on raising awareness and funds for Congenital Heart Defect;

DIY Mardi Gras Mask!

DIY Mardi Gras Mask Using Everfan Mask

So you may be asking yourself, "Why is Everfan doing a DIY blog....and why is it about Mardi Gras Masks?" Well, at Everfan we love Superheroes, yes.  But what we love even more is imagination and creativity.

November Giveaway!!

This month's featured giveaway is.....A PERSONALIZED CROWN!

Hero Profile- Captain Stretch

All right, Everfans, it's about time you found who you are really dealing with.  Over time I will be providing you with a rundown on our favorite heroes at Everfan. Below you will find information on our fearless leader, Captain Stretch.

Real name: Scott Chastain

Known as: Captain Stretch

Powers: Mentrify/Imagination manipulation (the power to turn imagination to reality).

Local Superhero Recognized

Super Keesha

It is approaching the end of the work week at Everfan on a hot Friday afternoon. Most offices are full of employees just waiting for the weekend.  At Everfan, however, things are buzzing in the Evercave as three employees are about to suit up. Blink and you will miss it.  What was a run of the mill superhero cape making business seconds ago has suddenly become the headquarters for Thomasville's finest superheros.  As quickly as Captain Stretch, Alektra, and Blitz appear they are out the door, leaving nothing but a gust of wind in the quiet office. 

Are you ready to transform?


Meet Cameron, 12, and Grace, 10. Cameron is a fan of Batman, football and drawing. Grace plays field hockey, loves being outdoors and is quite the dancer. One day this past month as they were walking around downtown Thomasville, a weird thing happened.  In the back of The Bookshelf - A magical, black stairway appeared (actually they are always there and not magical.....but you get the point).  As curious kids do, at least ones with imaginations, they decided to check out what was going on.