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Superhero Chic

Sooper Goop


Gwyneth has inspired us! Her Oscar dress/cape combo is being discussed all across the Interwebs and the Evercave has a new mission because of it. Find out what we have in mind after the jump!

Disclaimer: Gwyneth Paltrow is in NO WAY affiliated with Everfan...yet.

FSU vs. Duke: To Be Continued...

WHOO: Everfan Capes make their largest showing yet on the whole band (Seminole Sound) at sold-out ESPN-televised FSU Men's Basketball game against Duke.

BOO: FSU lost.

TRUE: Everfans are fans no matter what. Every loss is just a 'To be continued...' in our [comic] book!

It's Heart Month!

We take capes and Heart Disease seriously


The Everfandom is taking on a special villain this month: HEART DISEASE.

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