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Classroom Full of Super Students

super student cape

She puts on the superhero cape and smiles at her peers. She is, for that moment in time, invisible. She has earned her cape with hard work and dedication and is proud to join the league of Super Students before her. 


Everfan and the Superhero Foundation


Recently, we’ve joined super forces with an organization known as the Superhero Foundation. The Superhero Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness for and to end child abuse throughout the United States. 

It's Around the Corner

Spring is one of the best seasons for kids to play outdoors. They’ve been cooped up all winter long inside without a chance to run around in the grass and enjoy warm fresh air. We have a great way to get kids outside more and you probably guessed it - superhero capes.

Our Superheroes: International Crisis Aid

I was shocked when I heard the news of the FBI’s recent crackdown on the illegal sex trade on NPR. I’d seen the movies and read the articles about the trafficking around the world. But I had no idea that the internet has made it such an invisible but widespread issue in our own backyard.
The FBI raid was the largest of its kind, bringing the appalling details of the digital trade frighteningly close to all of us. 

College Football: Time to Soar

Alabama Superhero Cape

You’ll start to feel it: A slight nip in the air, the lifting of summer humidity on a Saturday morning that tells you the pigskins will soon soar. And we will no longer ask what to do on Saturday afternoon, we will have the beer and chips ready and our capes securely strapped.

Everfan slays summer boredom

Jack and Janie are getting grumpy. It's hot outside, their mean mom won't let him play one more video game and they have destroyed the house. They need a super transformation. Enter Everfan. 

Superhero Party

Kids Superhero Party


Everfan doesn't miss an opportunity to celebrate. So when the company turned two, Captain Stretch tasked his minions with throwing a massive superhero birthday party. Mission in hand, we rounded up some of our young friends with lots of superhero potential and held our first-ever SUPERHERO TRAINING CAMP.

Welcome from Captain Stretch

Welcome to We are a company that designs and sells superhero capes for kids and adults. We offer custom superhero capes that are uniquely designed just for you. It is our goal to be your superhero cape headquarters.

Wear Your Heart on Your Cape

Custom Kids Superhero Cape

Tiana.   Hermione.   Merida.   Katniss.

What do these leading ladies have in common? You won’t find “Damsel in Distress” anywhere on their business cards. Hardly an exhaustive list, they are part of a growing and encouraging trend of proactive heroines where romance is just a part of their story, rather than the entirety of it.