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Your direct connection to the hearts and minds of the Evercave-dwellers. We are a sometimes playful, sometimes thoughtful, always passionate people. Our interests are many, though superheroes and sports top the list, of course. Use the tags to find what YOU like best!

Emily - Everfan's Newest Superhero

Emily. Everfan's Newest Superhero

As Everfan continues to grow we are constantly getting request for unique, "One-of-A-Kind" orders.  While we offer the ability to customize any cape of your choice, we wanted to expand our offerings and meet our customer's requests.

Running is a Superpower

“The training is nothing. The will is everything.” – RA’S Al GHUL, BATMAN BEGINS

Hero Highlight - Peach's Neet Feet

New England Superhero Party

“Diagnosed with Spina Bifida before he was born, Hunter has had more than 15 surgeries and can understand more medical terms than most adults. But he is like any other kid: he wants to have friends and as much fun as possible. Having a pair of Peach’s Neet Feet has helped him open up to other people when they ask about his shoes. He is also learning the importance of helping others and now sponsors shoes for other kids with his own money.”

Everfan Partners with Weill Cornell Imaging

Custom outfit for Weill Cornell Imgaging

I, unfortunately, have needed an MRI at a point in my life. There were 1,000,000 things I would have rather been doing. A confined space, not being allowed to move and a cold environment made for an unpleasant and somewhat fearful moment ... and I was 18.

Everfan Hires Another Superhero


Say hello to Areka! She is the newest superhero to join the Everfan team and will be our marketing and sales manager. We asked this self-proclaimed “shapeshifter” and mother of five a few questions to get to know her a little bit better.

Q.) What interested you about working for Everfan?

A.) I get to work in a fun environment selling superhero capes to anyone that wants an escape from reality … what’s not to love?

'Tis the season for superhero training ...

Fun superhero photo booth out of household items!

“Mom, I am bored.”

“Dad, there is nothing to do.”

The rain and cold, although it can be relaxing, can be a source of boredom for children. Parents are often left trying to find something to keep the attention of their children.

Avenger bookmarks, spy obstacle course, sticky spider web and more. At Everfan, we love everything superhero, so I have put together a list of fun indoor activities for the superhero children in your household! HAVE FUN!

#Everfanpose Challenge

#everfanpose and @everfanheroes for Suphero Pose photo contest

Strike a pose! We are reminded every day that superhero poses are amazing and come in all forms! So … we want to see your best superhero pose. Be creative. No costume necessary!

Individuals, groups, children, adults and even pets are welcome to pose for the camera. Do you know someone traveling? Have them strike a superhero pose from an amazing place around the world, or take a picture from your favorite chair in your living room.

Everfan Featured In Entrepreneur Magazine

Everfan featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Check it out! We are honored to have been approached to be a part of the November issue of Entrepreneur Magazine. Everfan is featured in the Wacky column highlighting successful small businesses built off of fun and different ideas. The magazine is at your local news stand, or you can read the article here. Thanks for reading!


Look! A Yellow M&M!

I usually sit on our front porch just as excited to give out candy as the children (and sometimes adults) are to receive it. I love this holiday. Our neighborhood is full of creative people, which means I have had the pleasure of meeting everyone from a yellow M&M to a past President. Characters and superheroes of all ages come out of their secret headquarters and walk our streets on Halloween night.  

My Mission .. To Give Back!

Capes for a Cause

“The first child to get a fighter cape was 4 years old. He was at the end of his battle and his mom took the time to send a video to thank me for the cape,” said Jill McDonnell, founder of Capes for a Cure. “He was a little boy and he died from cancer. We owe it to him to continue the fight.”